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Buses, Trains and Automobiles

The current Channel 4 'No Go Britain' report got me thinking about this last year.

Due to needing to get to a London Hospital, I had to use the train for the first time.
I'd avoided trains all my life because of the horror stories I'd heard from people about not being able to get on, get off, have assistance or ending up at the wrong destination.

Well, I did have experience of the Docklands Light Railway in London - you can read the j
oys and woes here. In summary level entry and access was great until the lifts to the platform broke and we had to travel on to the next stop and walk back through the streets. A ten minute car journey would have replaced the half day route via the railway system. Rush hour was a no go zone. I couldn't move through the people very well and they kept bumping me and knocking my hand that steers my chair - so really they ran themselves over.
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Guest Blog posts

Guest Posts:

May 20100

Full steam ahead! | Disability Horizons

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September 2011

‘My hospital experience’ – guest blog from Louise «

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Holland to Harwich by ferry

Journey: Hook of Holland to Harwich via Stena Lines - Hollandica Superferry

This ferry was launched in April this year and will join another Superferry in Autumn. These cost £375 million pounds. Shame they didn't spend much on thinking about the overall experience for disabled people. Granted the ship had some nice touches but compared to our first crossing, the staff support was very poor.

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Harwich to Hook of Holland

Journey: Harwich to Hook of Holland + Overnight stay at Premier Inn

Premier Inn is situated at the port next to Lidle and adjoining a Brewers Fayre. One night cost £61 at the time we booked in January. We had to stay overnight because it meant getting to the ferry 45 mins before we sailed at about 9 am. Much less than 8 hours sleep and my body falls apart. We had a roll in shower, plenty of space and the sink was at a good height to wash my hair in. Lacking in personality like all of these sorts of rooms - it did the job for the night and we were relatively comfy with little noise outside.
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Blogging for Equality

Blogging on life as a wife and wheelchair user. Please do share my posts but don't cut and paste to insert into your own articles, thank you.


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